Ex-pupils have achieved Intermediate, High School and New Zealand titles and this year represented New Zealand in the World School Orienteering Championships in Turkey.
Jenna finished 1st and Bayley 3rd in their respective events!

Children from Haumoana School have been involved in orienteering since 2010 with an annual event held at school during school hours, training sessions as part of the sports programme and competitions run by the local club.

These fun competitions are part of a build up to competing in the Hawke's Bay School Championships held in May/June.

The students have been very successful in this competition with champions in each of the last 5 years along with many podiums and Top School on a regular basis. 
2014 Long Course Girls

Primary Champions Boys/Girls

SPRINT - Evan Broad (Haumoana)
LONG - Garrett Olsen (Haumoana)

SPRINT - Jack Waddington (Haumoana), Lily Stephens-Ellison (Haumoana)
LONG - Evan Broad (Haumoana) Lily Stephens-Ellison (Haumoana)

2013 Will Tidswell (Haumoana) Tessa Burns (Haumoana)

2012 Sam Waddington (Haumoana) Tessa Burns (Haumoana)

2011 Luke Smiley (Haumoana) Caroline Howell (Maraekakaho)

2010 Bayley StephensEllison (Haumoana) Sienna Harrison (Haumoana)

2014 Long Course Boys

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"Orienteering is a sport of both mental and physical challenge that is enjoyed by people of all ages with different motives. Some love the beautiful scenery synonymous with the areas orienteering is held in, while others enjoy the well structured competitive side of the sport."